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After months of legal negotiations with AOL, Gaim has changed its name to Pidgin and released Pidgin 2.0.

In order to respond to the threat of legal action from AOL, the Gaim developers had retained the Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) to help them respond to AOL’s objections to the name “Gaim.”

With tax day approaching in America, we at the Software Freedom Law Center wanted to share some important information about the hidden taxes added to every copy of Microsoft’s Windows operating system. If you run a computer using Windows, you’re not just paying for the programmers who put the program together and the corporate operations that brought it to market. You’re also paying a hidden tax of well over $20 that Microsoft has had to pay to other patent holders. This is true whether you bought your copy of Windows on CD or pre-installed on a laptop, desktop, or server machine.

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The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC), provider of pro-bono legal services to protect and advance Free and Open Source Software, today announced the addition of a new client, the GNOME Foundation. The GNOME Foundation supports the development of the open source GNOME Desktop Environment, a user interface used by millions of people around the world and distributed with all major versions of Linux and Unix.

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