SFLC Works With LinuxDefenders to Address Software Patent Threats

December 10, 2008

SFLC yesterday announced its cooperation with the LinuxDefenders project of the Open Invention Network (OIN). LinuxDefenders is a program to create defensive patent tools to reduce patent concerns for the Linux and open source community. While LinuxDefenders and OIN do not share SFLC’s goal to eliminate all software patents, SFLC hopes to cooperate with LinuxDefenders on those projects that can help defend Open Source and Free Software from patent threats.

In particular, the SFLC believes that the proper cataloging and organizing of prior art that is generated by Free Software on a daily basis by thousands of Free Software developers around the world is an essential component in defending Open Source and Free Software from patent danger. Many patents that are brandished in attacks on Free Software can clearly be destroyed, thanks to work done before the patent filings by the Free Software community. However, this information about prior art must be collected in a format that is digestible by patent attorneys, agents, and examiners. SFLC looks forward to assisting the creation of such resources.

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