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European Legal and Licensing Workshop 2010

  • Update from SFLC

  • Karen M. Sandler
  • LibrePlanet2010, Harvard Science Center, Cambridge, MA

Karen Sandler presents “Understanding and Resolving Conflicts Between Free and Open Source Software Licenses”

An introduction to the basics of trademark law, along with best practices recommendations.

This session will provide the very basics of trademark law along with recommendation for best and minimum practices. Common misconceptions about trademark law will be debunked and community interests in trademarks will be contrasted with corporate ones.

Bradley M. Kuhn will deliver a talk entitled Demystifying GPL Enforcement: Using the Law To Uphold Copyleft at the Eighth Annual Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE 8x) in February 2010.

Talk Description: The GPL enforcement process remains opaque to most FLOSS developers and users. This talk will explain how GPL enforcement works, what users and companies should do to comply, and what developers should do to help their users comply.

On Friday February 5th, Eben Moglen will give a talk about Privacy and the Cloud at a meeting of the Internet Society, New York chapter. The event will take place from 7:00-9:00pm in room 109 of NYU’s Warren Weaver Hall, located on the South East corner of West 4th Street and Mercer Street.

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